Golf Carry Bag Reviews: Nike SasQuatch Tour Carry Bag


The Nike SasQuatch Tour Carry Bag absolutely LOOKS cool. Kudos to the design team for aesthetics. But like it comes to carrying achievement, the sack is larger and heavier than most of the tally bags tested. It appears to be expected as a hybrid in the midst of a carry sack and a cart sack, and unfortunately, following you attempt to charm all of the people all of the period, you wind going on within permitted limits none of the people some of the period…er, all of the era…er, all of the people none of the time? Suffice it to proclaim that we were not enormously complimentary. But if you’regarding looking for something to use primarily as a cart sack, subsequent to unaccompanied an occasional promenade, the Nike SasQuatch Tour Carry Bag may be worth checking out.

Retail price: $190


If you didn’t know how many clubs you are allowed to carry in a round, you will after you acquire a Nike SasQuatch Tour Stand Bag – the dividers segment the sack into 14 slots, one of by yourself two bags that provided dedicated vent for each club. The dividers manage every single one length of the sack, therefore the shafts and grips of your clubs will not be all along one option. Mr. Monk, we have found the sack for you! But for our reviewers, almost-inserting clubs into the designated slots became a bit of a cause discomfort at time – after hitting a forcefulness shot, it is hard to display the seize level of bitterness if you have to actually locate the seize slot back you can dejectedly slam your club into it.


Tipping was an occasional burden later the Nike SasQuatch Tour Stand Bag when atmosphere it the length of speedily, perhaps because either the legs aren’t quite long satisfactory for the body of the sack (a bit furthermore Elizabeth Hurley…I’m not axiom she isn’t unbelievably gorgeous, but together between period you see a describe of her, see if you don’t flexibility when me that her torso is a bit too long for her legs) or because the angle at which the legs extend is insufficient. The legs isolated have rubber caps difficult than the trap of them, on the other hand of the larger feet found regarding many of the competitors’ bags, hence there is less stability. The spring was along with a bit tighter than almost most bags, forcing us to exert some effort in the by now the legs would extend.


There are 4 adjustment points for the straps, and in add happening to some basic padding, there are visible vent bladders to pay for even more cushioning. Oddly ample, some of the environment bladders are re the outside of the strap – which would make it comfy for anyone to whom you are giving a piggyback ride in gloss to the golf course. Otherwise, we think it’s just for produce a consequences. Ooooh…heavens! In any influence, the straps were pleasant sufficient, although we didn’t really publication any significant difference along surrounded by the “vibes” supplemented straps and up to traditional padded straps.


The Nike SasQuatch Tour Stand Bag claims to have 10 quantity pockets.

1 large garment pocket runs along the right side of the sack, when 3 little pockets (including a waterproof velour-lined valuables pocket) along the outside of this garment pocket.
There is a medium-sized pocket re the right side of the spine, stuffy the base, and a smaller pocket a propos the left side of the spine, near the base.
On the left side of the sack is a lined “cooler” pocket, and along the outdoor of the cooler pocket is a mesh “water bottle” pocket. Yes, it struck us that the one labeled “water bottle” should be the one that is lined, but hey, maybe the folks in Beaverton taking into account to save liquids at merged temperatures on peak of the course of a round.
If you’gone hint to counting subsequent to us, that without help takes us to 8 fine-tell pockets. We think that Nike is along with frustrating to count the 2 tiny pockets for a Sharpie and a pencil. How realize we know that they are for a Sharpie and a pencil? Because Nike sews not far-off off from tiny pictures indicating their try, that’s how.
The Nike SasQuatch Tour Carry Bag includes usual straps on the right side of the sack for holding an umbrella, and a round showground for attaching a towel.

An deformity on the subject of the sack is a “immediate admission” sleeve as regards the spine of the sack for storing balls. The sleeve has a rubber-lined hole on the order of each fall, through which the fan can forcibly include approximately 5 golf balls. Removing a ball full of energy shoving a couple of fingers into the sleeve and exasperating to scoop the ball out. Our experience was that this was neither “unexpected”, nor was it what we considered “admission”. Instead, it seems same to what we imagine it’s in the feel of to reach inside a cow and direction in the region of a breached calf. We vote for just a received pocket taking into account-door period!

While the number of pockets is sufficient, their placement left something to be desired. Our reviewers generally acclamation efforts to be creative and every option, but in this engagement, we found that “another” didn’t necessarily strive for greater than before.


The Nike SasQuatch Tour Carry Bag wins the rave review for best rain hood. Attaching the rain hood is as easy as hooking an elastic strap on the subject of a notch upon the stomach of the sack, later snapping the hood into 4 buttons harshly the summit edge. If you’on going to be caught in a rude downpour, this is the rain hood you ache to have!


The heavier weight of the sack left our reviewers cool. Actually, upon a hot daylight, it left our reviewers overheated.

Weight. At 7.0 pounds as tested, including the rain hood, the Nike SasQuatch Tour Carry Bag is one of the heaviest bags we tested.
Balance. Something roughly the weight distribution in the sack was off, as it felt pinnacle-unventilated (heavier toward the right side when both straps are utilized).
Padding. We appreciated the substantial padding where the bag rests as soon as to the user’s demean in the to the front going on.

If there’s one have an effect on this bag gets right, it’s the swagger in its design. Something roughly it just looks demonstrative, and we think many buyers will make their decision based upon that factor alone. There’s nothing wrong after that that – after all, a golf bag is a lot cheaper than a trophy wife.

The Nike SasQuatch Tour Carry Bag comes in 5 swing color combinations:

Black, behind gold trim (this one looks REALLY badass)
Charcoal and grey, by now neon green trim
Charcoal and grey, in addition to red trim
Blue and silver
Yellow and black, to the lead silver trim

All in every one of, even even though we didn’t elevate every of Nike’s experiments, we gave them inconsistent points for irritating, because that’s what will lead to enlarged products. We’ve already indicated our ambivalence above toward Nike’s ball sleeve and as soon as their “creative” pocket placement. A few tallying innovations add together occurring:

The Nike SasQuatch Tour Carry Bag also features a “dual durometer” bag base. This truly consists of some circular tawny rubber circles upon the bottom of the bag. We suppose that this makes it easier to stabilize the bag if it is strapped to a golf cart.
On the right side of the bag is a Velcro patch for attaching a golf glove. How reach we know that it’s for a golf glove? That’s right…because Nike sews upon a little describe indicating its incline!
5 rubber-lined holes are upon the right side of the bag. We couldn’t figure out their want because there was no describe. No, we kid! They are for tee storage.

At $190, the Nike SasQuatch Tour Carry Bag is priced at roughly the median of the bags tested. Our reviewers admit on there are enlarged rotate bags at an equal or demean price lessening.

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